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bvck Muscular, mid-paced and slightly industrial blackened death that sounds like what the artwork depicts--an infernal horde violently desecrating a sacred refuge. This album was a total surprise, but a welcome one. Favorite track: Mankind In Extremis.
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Ippocalyptica I know that most reviewers do not detect it, but in addition to certain obvious influences like Ulcerate and Akercocke, I detect hints of Deathspell Omega permeating the whole of Itheist. Given that I love those three bands, I was already predisposed to loving Itheist. Furthermore, though I have no way knowing this until Itheist’s follow-up album is released, I have the sense that this is the band’s “kitchen sink” effort, where they have thrown everything at the listener in order to show the diversity of their skills and their grasp of multiple multiple metal sub-genres. What I am really saying here is that if Itheist tightens their focus on their sophomore release and applies their considerable songwriting talents and instrumental proficiency in a unified direction, they will both pull away from their influences to own their sound and they will also release an album of the year contender. On its own merits, though, this debut release is one of 2019’s most pleasant surprises and will be appreciated by any fan of extreme metal. Itheist is a band to watch.
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"Dramatically powerful, with songs that are rampantly dynamic, often electrifying, frequently disorienting, and almost always fearsome. They harness elements of classic bands such as Death, Carcass, and Dissection, together with more experimental bands such as Akercocke, Ulcerate, and Gorguts, and the results are riveting."
- No Clean Singing

"...for fans of the genre who demand a little more than corpse-painted buffoonery, they represent an alternative packed with creeping depth and unique environs. Two things only the most creative authors can command" - Angry Metal Guy

"This is an album made with guts, credence and an evolving atmosphere, dark and raw. I loved this album." (9/10)
- Metal-Temple

"This blast-beat filled behemoth is a powerhouse of blasphemic energy, merging black and death metal with clear cut precision."
- Heaviest of Art

"Very well made Black Metal, which has an interesting concept and a sense of power and speed, as well as lurking, quieter sections. The dissonant-looking guitars support the overall impression and the concept perfectly." (9/10)
- Metal-Only

"For a death/black metal band, the harmonic writing is surprisingly clever, here. You don’t just get brutal riffs with these guys, you frequently get ideas of proggish/neoclassical complexity. The album will be appreciated by all extreme metal fans, I’m sure."
- The Independent Voice

"It goes from Hypnotic to Majestic into a lumbering Spiral of blissful nightmare you do not want to ever escape from."
- The Doorway To

"Itheist is a wild ride that keeps things entertaining and menacing."
- Lair of the Bastard

"Undeniably black as pitch. But there is an abundance of alternate influence, with plodding death-doom riffage, bespeckled with dissonant black metal high-end notes, ala Gorguts-meets-Belphegor, but with more maniacal blackened furor than either of these artists."
- Indy Metal Vault

"Itheist is not only a worthy successor to their previous work, but it surpasses everything they have released up till now."
- Glacially Musical


released June 21, 2019

All music written by DC.
All music performed and recorded by DC.
All lyrics by KN.
Mixing and Mastering by Damian Herring (Subterranean Watchtower Studios)

Itheist is:
DC - Guitar, Bass, Additional Vocals
KN - Vocals


all rights reserved



Itheist Plymouth, UK

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Track Name: Mighty Father Of Rebellion
For I will set my throne upon
The smouldering ruins of his kingdom

Upon his throne he gazed upon
Innumerable winged beings
Upon his command all seraphim kneeled
All except for one
One stood independent
One stood in defiance
Luminous and shining with mighty wings outspread

And unconquerable
Thus spake the apostate angel

I am not slave to your will
I shall not bow
Nor shall I kneel
Nor shall I sue for grace
Flames of rebellion
Course through these veins

Father of rebellion and self-belief
Pride and envy
Wrath and vengeance
Oh shining one
Son of morning
Your black flame burns in me
Track Name: Guardian Of Baphomet
Raging winds
Devastating waves
Utterly dark
Rise waters rise

The great sea roars forth
Enormous waves
The silent deep rises into darkness

Ominous mountains of black
Roaring foundations rise and fall

Towering waves crash in violent rage
This is the chaos that shakes the earth

Awaken oh serpent

Awaken and arise oh mighty serpent of our creed

Bellowing roaring groans
They echo from the deep
Colossal glaring eyes

Oh serpent of the deeps
Gigantic ebon scales
His body coils in fierce wrath
The great sea toils in his wake
Formidable embodiment of life and creation

Great giant serpent
Guardian of the underworld
Devouring waves
Crushing turbulent storms
He rises and falls
Oh mighty lord of the abyss

Prince of the West
Citadel of Luciferian strength
Coil round oh defender oh serpentine shield
Burning with sulphur our adamantine sign

Destroyer of hypocrisy
Forever guard our Baphomet
Track Name: Belial Unbound
Awaken and draw first breath

Open your eyes
May the moon be your first sight
Claw at the blood and dirt
Behold the storm of being made flesh

Since the dawn of primordial birth
Belial bays for chaos bound in ecstasy

Enemies embrace in fierce violent rage
Screams of conflict fill the air as fang and claw lacerate
Screams of triumph, screams of pain
Belial engulfs the blood of victorious mighty kings of fang and claw

Conquerors of flesh
Challengers of lust
Mastering reality
Lord Belial flow through these veins
Burning chaos unrestrained
Champion of flesh
No boundaries to detain
Prince of the North arise

Slaves drown in remorse
The agony of fear

I cower not to death
Enraptured by defiance

Inflame me
Boundless be our sight

Harken to me great prince of the North
Vehemence of the storm
Master of the earth
Burn within these veins
Track Name: Horned One
Deep beneath in the darkness
Far below in my chamber
Whispers echo on cold stone
Stagnant be the air that leads me down now

Candles flicker their lambent glow
Luciferian flames illuminate
Above the altar the black Judas goat
Incantation opens the inner portal

Beyond the cortex the internal abyss opens
Transcend through chasms of inward self
Call upon and conjure
Rise oh Baphomet


Horned one be not silent
Horned one reveal thy truth to me
Horned one be not silent
Horned one open the gate for me

Exalt my flesh for within is your dominion
Crown me with horns
The serpent coils inside me now

Behold my inner strength
I am his living flesh
Glowing infernal eyes
Reflection of the beast
Track Name: Infernal Insurrection
Fallen one
Morning star
You shone on earth before the sun
Through his defiance freedom was born
We mortal gods
His children we are the chaos of the storm
And through his will we shall rise and rise and rise again

Defiant seraphim armed with spear blades
Take flight with your mighty wings
Rise with vengeance
Conquest of glory
Impious war
Battle proud winged beings clash in battle

Striving for mastery
Spear blades lacerate
Dove like wings soaked in blood
Falling from paradise

Spear blades pierce the breast plates of angels
As liquid crimson spills from a thousand wounds

Never yielding our defiance
Godlike forms burn

Howling in agony
Falling through fire
Devoured angelic forms consumed by flames
Unconquerable will is greater than pain
All is not lost
I shall summon my legions to rise up in vengeance
I Lucifer vow that...

Spear blades shall pierce the breast plates of angels
As liquid crimson spills from a thousand wounds

Rise up with wings of sulphur
Ascend through the adamantine gates

Mass deicide

Seraphim impaled by spear blades
Blood sprays as we rip wings from their backs
Livid fire infests his kingdom
All that remains is burning corpses and ashes
Track Name: Neter Amon
Neter Amon the hidden one
He who resides in all things
Behold the essence of world made flesh

Descended from Tiamat
Ouroboros serpent
Within the circles lies the dragon of the abyss

Accursed goat of mendes
Sabbat ram of ormuz
Behold our Sigil of Baphomet

Symbol of man that shall proclaim
His gods are dead and that
He is the master of his spirit now

Horns thrust to the sky
Defiance and might
The trinity denied
Within there is only I

I call upon upon the shrouded one
Neter Amon
Veiled behind clandestine mask of eternal night
Neter Amon
Eternal darkness shall remain when all the stars are gone
Track Name: Mankind In Extremis

Kill them now
Hunt them down
Stamp them out
Destroy them or they will us

Marrow of the earth has drained and turned to dust
Gather in despair the benign and the famine
For they shall feed upon the mountains of the dead

Starvation - crave
Famishment - ache
Desolate and bleak
Gather in despair the weak

Kill them now
Hunt them down
Stamp them out
Annihilate them or they will us

Peace shall end in word famine
Pity shall bring our extinction now

Peace shall end in world famine
Pity shall bring our extinction
Now there is no time
Kill all or all shall die
All shall die
Track Name: Suffering In Existence
For what is the body but a tomb for the heart
Which in turn is a manacle for the spirit

Shackled to reality with eyes that can’t see god
Breathing sustains this prison made flesh
Praying for ascension

Sentenced from birth
This skin is a rope that binds my flesh
Each breath is a scar that slowly devours ethereal starvation
The senses deprived the torture of sin
I pray for relief

How I long for my soul to ascend
Oh Lord carry me
For I am a man of blood of pain of sin
Haunted by tongues of the infidel
Bound to this mortal discord
Spiritual famine that starves me of grace

Suffering in existence
Suffering in existence

Silent are the reverent prophets of god
Parasites of time
Leeches of sin

Relinquishing sorrow
Existence no more

A hollow affliction
Suffocate my grief

Spiritual famine that starves me of grace

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